Executing Successful B2B Ticket Sales Campaigns

We at Full House frequently see our clients achieving ROIs of 10-1 or better for B2B prospecting campaigns. Most recently we accomplished the same success by partnering with a Mountain West Conference university. The campaign utilized a combination of the three direct marketing channels of email, direct mail and telemarketing…

How to Find New Group Sales Customers

Booking groups is essential to your sales success. Not only do you get immediate revenue but you expose new people to your product (grassroots marketing). Show them a great time and they will come back—perhaps return with a group of their own (company, church, little league, charity, school, etc.). If…

Industry Experts Sell More Tickets

I have always felt that the best way to sell tickets is to develop industry experts. Full House recommends assigning your sales reps to specific industries for season tickets, premium seating and group sales. There are commonalities within each segment. If your reps are dedicated to specific targets such as…

Smart Selling in a Down Economy

Many wise people have said that you cannot allow things to affect you in which you have no control. Easier said that done with the poor economic state that sports and entertainment organizations operate in as we head into 2009. You are competing for an ever-shrinking dollar. Many people just…

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