In-Season Ideas

In-Season Ticket Sales Plan


1. Identify and Qualify Anonymous Arena/Stadium Visitors (can go back to start of season)

  • Our FanFinderTM tool is able to identify fans that have been to a game but are not the primary ticket buyer. You can qualify the previously anonymous fans by geography and demographics (income, age, gender, etc.). We are also able to eliminate opportunities you already have in your database.
  • Touch Points = Direct Mail + Web Display Ads including Mobile + Email

2. Identify and Qualify Web Site Visitors

Business Executive Identifier

Our Business Executive Identifier tool identifies business owners, executives, and professionals within your consumer/residential accounts.

  • Submit your single game and partial plan buyers
  • We are able to provide work contact information (company name, title, industry, size, business address, business phone, email where available) for approximately 10-15% of your buyers

Group Win Back Campaign

Do not forget your past group leaders. Go back several seasons and reconnect using a personalized post card that has a “we miss you”/”welcome back” message. Give them reasons to come back and make them a special offer if possible.

Find New Groups

Target groups for late-season games.
A. Targeted Group Categories

  • Churches, schools, youth organizations, sports clubs, civic/social/fraternal organizations, business associations, parks & recreation, performance groups (gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts), senior/retirement categories, etc.

B. BIG BUSINESS: Companies with 20+, 50+, or 100+ Employees
C. Human Resources Executives

We recommend a multi-touch campaign for these prospects: personalized post cards + phones + emails.

Business Multi-Touch Campaign:

Personalized Post Cards + Phones + Emails + Digital Ads

  • Leverage playoff tickets for commitment to next season
  • Sell partial plans to small businesses
  • Invite to game and/or prospecting event (see below)

B2C Multi-Touch:

Consumer Emails (multiple) + Retargeting Email Openers + Personalized
Post Cards

  • Leverage playoff tickets for commitment to next season
  • Late season promotions
  • Drive leads into your sales funnel

Host Prospecting Events

  • General B2B Networking
  • Industry Specific
  • Business Title Specific: C-Level, HR, Sales, Marketing, Executive Assistants
  • Business Alumni Networking

Other Ideas

  • Rookie Season Ticket Holders: Hit this harder to renew segment with an unexpected surprise = Thank you card with augmented reality, season ticket benefits reminder, assigned rep info, etc.
  • New Movers: “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Personalized Post Cards