Reaching Your Audience Through a Customized Approach
In the world of events and ticket sales, the name of the game is repeated success –
The house may be packed today, but the next sales deadline is right around the corner.
We understand what it takes to make repeated winning campaigns.


Staying Visible to Your Audience

Direct Mail Campaigns

Drive inbound inquiries and warm up sales calls with a personalized post card.

Email Campaigns

Send a digital advertisement/note/invitation directly to your prospects.

Social Media

Advertise to your consumer prospects via social channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Display Ads

Display your message to your prospects as they visit their favorite web sites.

Geo-Fence Targeting

Identify anonymous fans and communicate with them via web display ads, including mobile. Direct mail and email are also possible touch points.

Phone Calls

Call your prospects to close the sale or set a meeting.


Keep your information in front of prospects that showed enough interest to visit your web site.

Track & Adjust

What worked? What didn’t work? We will help you determine Return on Investment (ROI) by tracking your new customers against the prospect pool. This also helps us dive further into the most successful parts of your campaign.